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Gift Cards

Gift cards are a great way to send a gift if your aren't sure which level would work best for the recipient, or if you find yourself under a time crunch. The recipient can log in and pick out exactly which level they would like to try, no fuss, no muss.

Click on the GIFT CARD button on our home page, or click the SHOP button at the top and select the gift card amount between $25 and $100.

New Customers
Enter your gift card code into the Coupon or Gift Code Box at check out.

Current Subscribers
Log into your account and click the REDEEM GIFT CARD button on the upper right. After your code is entered, the gift card balance will be updated and can be used toward a renewal, a new subscription, or a one-time box.

When will my order ship?

All subscriptions and one-time boxes ship at the same time, starting on the 2nd of the following month. So, if an order is placed on June 3rd, the boxes begin shipping on July 2nd.

Why is there a 30 day window?

30 days between shipments is the standard for most subscription boxes. Beads are especially purchased for each theme. We aren't a bead store, so we don't have a huge, in-house stock to pull from. Besides, as each bead lover knows, your bead stash is sacred and our founder wouldn't even share hers with her own mother! Also, we are usually finalizing the box the week before shipping begins, culling the herd can be an arduous task!

What type of beads are included every month?

Without a doubt, every single item in our crate will be awesome!  And that is all the restrictions that we will put on ourselves!  Seriously, depending on what inspires us on any given month, a box could contain any combination of bead types/styles and even some extras. We once included lotion bars!  We will try to include at least one set of seed beads in each box, because, let's admit, seed beads are the work horse of the beading world.

What is a One-Time Box?

A one-time box is a non-subscription box. Think of it as a way to test drive BeadCrate without committing to a monthly subscription. All levels of BeadCrate are available in a one-time box. Past box themes may be sent for one-time boxes.

When will I be charged for a renewal?

Month to Month Subscriptions
Renewals occur on the 12th of the month. If you purchased your Subscription just before the 12th, say on April 10th, you will not be charged again until May 12th.

Multi-month Subscription Packages
Your renewal will happen on the month following last month of your subscription package. A 3-month package purchased on June 15th would renew on on September 12th. And so on for all other multi-month packages. Multi-month packages will renew for the same package rate, (i.e. a 6 month package will renew for another six months). You can log into your account at any time and update / change your subscription to any package or month to month, but do so before the auto renewal.

Updating Account Information

At any time, you can log into your account to update your address (billing and/or shipping), your credit card, or your subscription.

Reactivating a subscription

At any time, you can log into your account and reactivate your subscription.

I ordered two subscriptions by mistake!

No problem, just email us at goodies AT beadcrate.com and we will remove the duplicate subscription.

Skipping a Month

We have all had something come up and our budget suffers because of it. BUT NEVER FEAR! SKIP A MONTH is HERE! You can log into your account and skip a month -- and if you need more time, log in again later and skip another month ;)

Cancellations and Refunds

We hate to see you go :-(  Have you tried skipping a month? But, if you must leave us, you can log into your account and cancel at anytime. If you cancel after a month-to-month renewal takes place, you will receive one final box. You must log into your account to cancel and, please, fill out our cancellation survery to help us improve.

Prepaid Package Cancellations
You can cancel a prepaid, multi-month package. The cancellation will take effect after the last month of the package. So, if you subscribed to a 3-month package and then cancel the subscription after the second shipment, you will receive one more box and your subscription will not be renewed.

Please be sure you want to subscribe -- if you aren't sure, try a one-time box. There are no refunds. If you cancel after a renewal has taken place, you will:
  • Receive one final box for a month to month subscription and it will not renew.
  • Receive the number of boxes for your package and it will not renew. (3 month package will receive 3 boxes and so on)
If you ordered two subscriptions by mistake, please click here.