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Toho 2022 Challenge Box

Toho 2022 Challenge Box


In a special partnership with Team Toho and Starman Beads, we are happy to offer the "Dawn of a New Day" 2022 Toho mini challenge

Create an original design in the medium of your choice using TOHO seed beads and Starman Czech glass beads from the 2022 Challenge palette:

TOHO Seed Bead Color Numbers That can be used in any size or shape that TOHO beads makes in these stock numbers. (names may very by store)

  • #PF558 PermaFinish – Galvanized Aluminum/Silver
  • #PF558F PermaFinish – Galvanized Matte Aluminum/Silver
  • #52 Opaque Lavender/Purple
  • #262 Inside-Color Crystal/Gold-Lined/Bronze Lined crystal
  • #997 Gold-Lined/Bronze Lined Rainbow Light Sapphire
  • #763 Opaque-Pastel-Frosted Apricot/Cream Chalk Matte
  • #263 Light Capri/Blue-Lined Crystal Luster Rainbow
  • #PF2125 PermaFinish – Translucent Silver-Lined Light Jonquil/Cream Opal
  • #2635F Semi Glazed Rainbow – Blue Turquoise/Desert Sage
  • #166 Transparent Rainbow Light Amethyst
  • #52F Opaque Frosted Lavender/Purple Matte
  • #169 Transparent-Rainbow Rosaline/Light Pink
  • #11F Transparent-Frosted Rosaline
  • #84F Frosted Metallic Iris – Green/Brown Iris Matte
  • #SLV BRO-3 Natio Miyabi Silver-Lined Peach Matt
  • #OP BRD-3 Natio Miyabi Opaque Hibiscus Matte
  • #TP BRD-3 Natio Miyabi Transparent Hibiscus
  • #Silk AB2-3 Natio Miyabi Satin Wisteri
Starman Czech Glass Beads that you can use in any size or shape Czech glass bead
  • Luster – Transparent Denim Blue (15726)
  • Bondeli Coral (92944AL)
  • Sueded Gold Cloud Dream (08A05)
  • Iris – Brown (21415)
  • Sueded Gold Provence (08A08)
  • Light Sapphire AB (X-3001)
  • Luster – Opaque Bronzed Smoke (P15780)
As each day dawns, we look forward to the new possibilities that awaits us with each new day. Embrace the unknown and look forward to the adventure!
– Rachelle Peterson

Toho Challenge Rules (PDF)

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